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DermaLux LED Light Therapy 

Dermalux LED Facial

Anti-ageing treatments are at the top of virtually everyone’s want list and for good reason. No one should have to deal with the fine lines and wrinkles that are so common as you get older. Fortunately, there’s an ideal option to help you fight the signs of ageing – our Dermalux LED Facial.

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What is DermaLux?

Dermalux uses wavelength of light to energise your skin cells and create a fresh look. LED technology is used to help boost your skin’s natural healing process so you get the healthy glow you’ve always wanted.

Based on the idea of phototherapy, this treatment uses beneficial light energy from many parts of the light spectrum to activate a response in your body at the cellular level. That pushes your cells to produce collagen and elastin at a much higher rate, and the result means fewer wrinkles and tighter skin. Completely pain free, the Dermalux LED Facial has many other benefits too. Its natural healing properties mean that is is ideal for treating acne as well as any hyper-pigmentation issues you may be experiencing.

The entire process takes just twenty minutes, and is extremely relaxing. The LED Facial is a great treatment to combine with other skin treatments to help enhance the results, and heal the skin. With no downtime and fast results, this is one facial you’ll certainly want to try!

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