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How to Get Wedding Ready?

It’s your big day, and you want to do absolutely everything in your power to look great. For most brides, that means at least one trip to the spa for a treatment, but many book multiple appointments so they’ll look amazing as the wedding bells ring. What treatments should you consider booking before that fantastic day? Take a peek at a few you should absolutely consider.

Study after study has shown that people notice your eyes before they notice anything else about you. Perhaps that’s why eyelash and eyebrow treatments have become so common over the past several years. We actually offer a number of different options to help you prepare for your wedding day. Come in for a lash tint. It can help you avoid the need for mascara for several weeks. LVL can do the same thing with a bit of extra power. It helps to curl the lash, lengthen it, then thicken and tint it, and the results last up to eight weeks. If you’re looking for perfectly shaped eyebrows, you may want to consider threading. A short appointment leaves behind neat brows that are shaped to frame your face.


Hoping to go from pale to perfectly sun-kissed quickly? You could try the tanning booth or simply spending more time outside, but the reality is that neither of those options provides the guaranteed results a spray tan would. You can move from your current skin tone to a beautiful bronze in a matter of minutes, and you won’t have to worry about uneven tans, the risk of burns, sun damage or any other potential problems that come from typical tanning methods.

When he puts that ring on your finger, you want your hands and nails to look great. After the wedding, when you slip your shoes off, those feet should be gorgeous and smooth, right? Our manicure and pedicure services can help make that happen. Your hands and feet take the worst of each day, and they tend to accumulate dirt, grime, and dead skin cells unlike any other part of your body. We’ll not only make your nails look amazing, but also exfoliate that skin and give it a bit of TLC so it’s beautiful and smooth once more.

The pictures during the wedding will tell all for years to come, and if you’re hoping to have a healthy glow in those photos, a Bespoke Guinot Facial is the perfect way to make it happen. It’s the latest skincare technology available, and it will help you cleanse, re-balance, and moisturise your skin, ensuring you get a revitalised look from the deepest layers up.

The wedding will be here before you know it, so book your treatment sessions today.

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