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How to Treat Acne Scarring

Those breakouts you had as a teenager are likely long gone. What hasn’t disappeared, though, are the scars they left behind. While they come in many different forms from tiny pockmarks to discolouration, the reality is that there is just one result, patches of skin you don’t love when you see in the mirror. Understanding how acne scarring works and what you can do about it, though, can help you eliminate those problem areas for good. What Are They? As a teen, you probably had many different blemishes on your skin. Only a few of them, though, likely caused the scarring you see. Often what happens is the pore was inflamed with excess oil, dead skin, and bacteria. That forced the swelling you saw on your skin, but it also broke the follicle wall. While the shallow breaks may have healed completely, those deeper breaks may have spilled out into the facial tissue around the pore, and that could have created a fairly deep lesion. The skin cells would have tried to repair that lesion with new collagen, but once the break happened, you lost your chance at a naturally smooth look there. Fixing the Problem Fortunately, there are a couple of good treatment measures to repair the damage caused so long ago to your skin. Dermapen is one great option. Over the course of five to six sessions, this microneedling technology helps to break up the fibrous tissue that lies beneath the scar. That, in turn, helps encourage the growth of new tissue. Within six weeks, you begin to see smoother skin you’ll love. Ultracel RF Microneedling is another good option. It delivers heat and energy to the problem collagen fibers. That means the upper layers of the skin tighten and plump, eliminating the actual scar. You’ll typically begin to see results from this treatment after the first session. More complex scarring, though, can need up to three treatments to heal completely, and you should see improvement for up to six months. Ready to banish those acne scars for good? Contact us today to discuss your treatment options.

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