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Laser Hair Removal: What To Do Afterwards

You probably already know how effective laser hair removal can be. Those laser light pulses completely destroy the hair follicle, which can help inhibit growth and leave you hair free. After your first session, though, what’s the best way to care for the area you had treated? What do you do once you arrive home? These tips can help.

Talk To Your Aesthetician

One step you have to take is to chat with your laser hair removal Aesthetician before you have any hair removed. Because after care procedures vary somewhat from place to place, and you’ll want to know what your clinic recommends. At Reflect Medispa, we always inform our clients of the correct aftercare, and provide them with an aftercare guide to ensure they get the best possible results. We work to ensure all of our patients know that immediately after treatment, you might notice redness and a little swelling within a couple of hours. It can often last a day or two, and it feels a little like a sunburn. The skin is fairly susceptible to bacteria at this point, so don’t head for a pool, spa, or sauna. You should also avoid a serious workout, as you don’t want the potential of bacteria getting into your skin. Treat the area gently for those first twenty-four hours. Use the after-care products we prescribe. We offer topical, soothing products enriched with aloe vera to help your skin heal. After about a week, you’ll find those follicles shedding their original hair. You can just wipe it away with a wet cloth. Within the first twenty four hours and after, you must remember that sunlight at this point makes your skin very vulnerable to hyperpigmentation. You should use the sunblock we prescribed at the time of treatment every time you head out into the sun. The last thing you want is sun exposure on skin that has just been laser treated. Finally, hold off on all other hair removal treatments except for shaving for at least four weeks. You don’t want to disturb the hair follicle as it is changing.

Contact Us Today Whether you’re ready to schedule another session or you just have some questions about laser hair removal and aftercare, contact us today.

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