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The difference between LVL and Eyelash Extensions

The idea of having thicker, longer lashes is a dream come true for most women, but to date, there haven’t been very many options to make that happen. Sure, you could put on falsies every single day. You could also struggle with mascara time and time again. The reality, though, is that both of these are a daily hassle you shouldn’t have to fight. Two of the most recent available options for women who want to achieve that dream are LVL and eyelash extensions, but if you’re considering the two, you may not understand the difference or which is right for you. Take a closer look at both procedures. LVL LVL is a process that takes about forty minutes, and the results happen immediately. They can last up to eight weeks, too, which means longer, thicker lashes that last. The acronym stands for Lash, Volume, Lift, but you actually get a bit more than that because a tint is involved in the process too. A rod is placed next to your lash line, then a perm lotion is added. it has to sit for about twenty minutes, then neutralizer is added. Finally, your lashes are tinted. The process means beautiful, longer lashes without the need for much mascara. Eyelash Extensions You’re likely familiar with the process of hair extensions, and lash extensions use the same basic ideas. They come in four different weights, and they use a glue to attach the lash to your natural hair. The results are absolutely gorgeous, and you don’t have to worry about applying mascara the entire time they’re in. If you’re careful, they’ll last up to three weeks, which means you can adjust the weight of the lash extensions at your next appointment to prepare for an upcoming event. So, which process is right for you? Take a moment today to schedule a free consultation session so we can help you make that decision!

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