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Top Summer Treatments

Summer is coming! Are you ready to make the most of every beautiful day, every picnic and every outfit (even that daring sundress or bathing suit)? With these top treatments, you will be.

Look – and feel – your best with:

  • Manicures/Pedicures. Indulge yourself; you’ve earned it. Manicures and pedicures not only take care of the hands and feet that work so hard for you, they allow you to relax and treat yourself. Our therapists will put you at ease as they work their magic. From an express session to full sessions, we offer the services you need. And if you love flip-flops, a callus peel is a definite must!

  • Hair Removal. Wear your warm weather wardrobe with confidence. Waxing provides long-lasting results so you can sail into summer without worrying about shaving, tweezing or epilating. Laser hair removal is another excellent option; start now, and shortly you’ll begin to see a permanent reduction in unwanted hair.

  • Stretch Mark Removal. If you don’t have stretch marks, you’re one of the few! For the rest of us, advanced microneedling treatments can target these streaks and stripes and leave you with firmer, smoother skin. Dare to bare your belly, arms and legs as you hit the beach or strut your stuff down the street.

  • Eyelash Tint/LVL. Sick of applying mascara every day to make your eyes pop? We don’t blame you. When you’re on holiday, you don’t want to waste a second. An eyelash tint delivers enhanced darkened lashes for up to four weeks. Another option is LVL. This technique straightens your lashes, elongating them and making them appear thicker. You’ll look like you’re wearing mascara. And you’ll wake up ready to go with perfect lashes.

Need to get summer-ready? We’re here to help! Book a consultation today.

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