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Cream Smear

Depigmentation Peel

The leading depigmentation peel with transformative results in one treatment


Cosmelan is known as one of the most effective pigmentation treatments in the world, achieve 80-99% pigmentation removal.

Cosmelan is a powerfully active, advanced lightening formula that is applied topically by one of our highly skilled practitioners. The formula has been designed to target all types of pigmentation including hormonal induced pigment, called Melasma. By targeting areas of the skin that are hyperpigmented, such as dark patches, sun damage and freckles, the solution inhibits more melanin production and lightens the skin back to an even tone.

After just one week of the Cosmelan formula being applied, the appearance of pigmentation is visibly improved. You will see the patches lightening very quickly, and as the skin peels you will be left with more even, healthy complexion. The treatment has a proven efficacy record of 95% in 99% of cases treated.

Spa Facial Treatment

Cosmelan Facts

Procedure time: Approx 40 mins
Downtime: 1 week
Results: Between 80- 100% pigmentation removal
Duration of results: Results are permanent, however a one year maintenance home care routine is required


  • Cosmelan specialist in clinic treatment

  •  Cosmelan one month home-care product regime to be

  • Review appointment following home-care period to assess results

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