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Dermapen Microneedling

Revolutionary microneedling technique to revitalise, smooth and even the skin tone

Dermapen Microneedling

Dermapen Microneedling is a proven technique for stimulating collagen production and naturally enhancing the skin’s healing process.By applying microscopic needles onto the surface of the skin, your body reacts by boosting its own resources, rejuvenating the complexion and reducing fine lines, acne scars, pigmentation and tired looking skin.

Dermapen is the next step from Dermaroller, as it allows the technique to achieve precision with the application and avoids any unnecessary trauma to the skin. The Dermapen is particularly effective for reducing scars, especially acne scars and stretch marks which can often be very difficult to treat

After just one session you will see a difference, however for optimum results we recommend a course of at least 6 sessions. This allows the skin time to regenerate and heal, and optimises collagen production.

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Who is DermaPen suitable for?

Ideal for:

  • All types of scars

  • Enlarged pores

  • Fine lines and wrinkles

  • Loose, sagging skin

  • Under-eye bags

  • Sun damage, age spots and freckles

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