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Shoulder Massage

Massage & Holistic Therapies

Swedish Back,
Neck & Shoulder Massage 

Ease tension in your neck, back and shoulders with our Swedish massage. This technique is proven to reduce levels of stress hormones in the body and relieve muscular pain.

Neck Massage
Shoulder Massage

Swedish Full Body – 60mins

Succumb into full relaxation mode with our targeted Swedish massage. Release tension from your entire body, reduce pent up stress and enjoy some me time.

Deep Tissue Massage -45mins

Our Deep Tissue Massage is ideal if you are suffering with a sporting injury or muscle stress. This technique allows us to focus on specific muscle groups to ease the discomfort, aid muscular healing and help prevent the injury from worsening.

Face Massage
Reiki Treatment

Indian Head Massage – 30mins

Our Indian Head Massage technique promotes a feeling of calm and reduces stress from the body. By applying gentle pressure on the head, neck and shoulders we can help you feel centred and relaxed.

Reflexology – 30 mins

Reflexology is a proven technique for soothing all parts of the body through the feet. Using gentle stimulation on pressure points, we can help you to achieve mental wellbeing, target injuries in the body and reduce stress. The massage itself is extremely relaxing, allowing you to completely unwind.

Reflexology (including consultation) – £65 – 60mins

If you are interested in a more bespoke Reflexology experience, we offer an exclusive consultation with one of our Reflexology specialists allowing you to detail specific areas and issues you want to target. Come and see us and let us help you address tensions and stress in your body.

Massage Therapy
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